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Emotion and the “Mobile Brain”

After years of studying the form and function of neuropeptides (tiny bits of protein that consist of strings of amino acids), Candace Pert has concluded that they are responsible for our emotions ~ not only the familiar feelings of anger, fear, sadness, joy, contentment, and courage, but also spiritual inspiration, awe, bliss, and other […]

Para-Medical or Para-Holistic?

I believe there is a time and place for medical intervention, especially when acute injury or life-threatening circumstances are present. I do not believe, however, in a dependency on the dissect, separate, and suppressive nature of medicine for the long-term care of someone.

That being said, I believe in a ‘Para-Medical’ balance, wherein the talented […]

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When You Feel Pain, Can You Still See Hope?

A client came in to me today with a pinch and painful area in both of her elbows. Upon palpation, it was clear to me that the rotation of the tissue to the lateral had forced a twist at the elbow joint.

As I began to work the neck to give the arm slack, the […]

Opposites Attract?

The Yin-Yang symbol has long been used to describe the balance of the Universe in which I find myself in (pun intended). For many years my understanding of this symbol has played hide and seek with my consciousness, until recently, my perception was altered and clarity moved in…again.

A friend was discussing how he had […]

Containers That Could Not Contain

What does a container really hold? Nature has a unique way of simply not seeing barriers to its growth. Concrete never stopped a dandelion, nor can barbed wire ever stop a tree’s trunk from expansion. Yet, we as humans really enjoy putting things into little containers; stacking them, organizing, re-organizing and storing them.

I am […]

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Aligning the Layers of Experience

While studying to become a bodyworker, and particularly during my Structural Integration training, I was taught about the core and the sleeve. What this represents to me is the inner core of the body, or that which functions in the first 15 degrees of movement, (packed with energy), and the external musculature that continues […]

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As my awareness expands so does the way it plays out in my life and my work. I am thrilled with new perceptions and find that grace offered to past views grants freedom to embrace new visions into my present futures.

The way I have come to view consciousness is through the chakra system of […]

Anticipate the Present

Often within a journey I find myself looking for the end. I anticipate that it will be a time of goals met, visions actualized, or I might even explore the possible emotional outcomes that can be guarded against. It definitely is a time of disconnect from my soul as it is strictly a game […]

The Surrender

Do you ever push so hard for something to happen in your life and get stuck in its force? What if you have pushed free into flow and have yet to realize it. This thought came to me in a round-about way today with a friend whose desire to let go bumps into holding […]

Same Path – New Beginning

As life would have it, my sabbatical from work to pursue art and creative adventures a few months ago began with my left knee cap dislocating into my thigh. It turns out that this doesn’t feel very good and can impede one’s ability to move forward. Ok…it was time for surgery.

Truthfully, this timing was […]