Have you had an old injury or surgery that has left you feeling stiff and immobile? While you were healing, did you ‘hold’ yourself into a position to avoid pain and then get stuck that way? Do physical aches & pains keep you from fulfilling your purpose or passion? Do you have the mental and physical power to do more than survive, but to sincerely thrive in your life?

However you got there, it is simply a bouncing off place, or a starting point to move from into living a better way with more energy and vitality!

Michelle can gently guide your body’s tissue out of trauma and into free flowing energy to bring you back to the life you want to be living. Through Total Body treatments you will uncover and release the holding, stuck places and move with more vigor and flexibility.

Michelle-Vitality-smTreatments that may be chosen for Energy & Vitality are:

  • Structural Integration (10 Session Series) – When holding patterns have impacted both the core (the boney layers of the body and deep intrinsic muscles) and the sleeve (the larger extrinsic musculature), the 10 session series is a great way to unravel the stuck areas and rejuvenate the body into a thriving expression.
  • Structural Integration Bodywork  – The effects of bodywork with structural techniques do more than simply relax the tissue; it realigns it and enhances the body’s posture. Take 30, 50, or 80 mins just for the aaaahhhh of it.

Also, these healing tools may be useful:

  • Soul Eyes Jewelry – Is there a lull in your energy during a certain time of day? Meridians are active around clock, each one with their own peak times. Meridian jewelry can help to align the energy system of the body, in a wearable ‘on the go’ type of way throughout the day.
  • LifeSource Oil & Pendants – Frequency infused stones that protect you from EMFs and raise your vibration. Increase energy levels, balance the energy centers of the body, and increase circulation with the use of these amazing products.
  • Earth Uprising Intentional Oils – What is your intention? Use these oils, such as ‘Heart Dance’ when you are visualizing your life of fluidity and ease.
  • I Ching Systems Instruments – When emotions are on the rise, using these tools will take those emotions straight back to Source and free you up to live from response vs react. From emotional balance you can create a beautiful expression in your life.