RITM-Pain“RITM SCENAR® is an advanced form of electrotherapy and is effective and may be used in treating acute, chronic pain and post operative. RITM SCENAR® therapy functions on two physiological principles: that the body has its own healing capabilities and that it is continually employing processes of self-regulation to maintain health.

RITN-DeviceThe RITM SCENAR® device is a small, hand-held device with transdermal electroneuro-stimulator, graphic display (Professional models), light emitting diodes (models for home use) and audible indications. It delivers non-invasive, computer-modulated therapeutic electro-stimulation via a patient’s skin and involves high amplitude, short-duration waveforms with little discomfort to patients.

Due to this device’s high amplitude, small unmyelinated ‘C’ fibres can be stimulated to a higher degree than with other forms of electrotherapy. When sufficiently stimulated ‘C’ fibres trigger neuro- and regulative-peptide release with resultant pain relief and healing. The RITM SCENAR® impulse is carried via afferent nerve fibres to regulatory centres in the brain which in turn responds via efferent nerve fibres. RITM SCENAR® interprets this response and, via computer modulation, results in its next impulse being modified accordingly which further provides information back to the brain to either amplify or dampen the pathological signals initiating pain, ultimately leading to homeostasis. RITM SCENAR® therapy protocols include rating of pain, measurement of range of movement and testing of movement related to functional impairment.

RITM-MotionThe RITM SCENAR® device is small, portable, user-friendly, safe, and is relatively low-cost. Patients may benefit from faster recovery times, versatility and no concurrent medication interactions. The RITM SCENAR® has been cleared for marketing by the FDA and Health Canada for use in treating Chronic & Acute Pain.”

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A RITM Scenar Session

A body/emotion session using the RITM Scenar may last as long as 50 minutes. Specific patterns or ‘zones’ are treated depending on what the area of concern is at the time of session. Neurologically, we heal from the top down, for example, getting the neck and shoulders treated with the Scenar will assist the brain in communicating more accurately with the rest of the body. It is not uncommon for memories to surface during the treatment as the neuropeptides are being released from the tissue.

RITM Scenar may also be used in conjunction with any bodywork session. Due to its neuro-muscular reeducation abilities through the electrical system of the body, it works very well with Structural Integration techniques in massage therapy. Structural Integration is neuro-muscular reeducation along the fascial layers of the body, so in essence the goal is the same, but the point of entry is unique. Combined treatments may take as long as 90 minutes.

The devices may also be purchased for personal use at home, for chronic aches and holding patterns, or post-trauma, intense workout or training recovery. Please inquire to Helen Gracie at Scenar Health USA via email here.