When you step into the ring to fight is your mind fully present in your body and supporting you on every move that you make? When you dance the lead role of a show, does it affect your performance if your back up dancers do not do their part to support you? Do you have the flexibility in your body for that perfect body-centered pivot of a golf swing? Whatever your sport it is time to liberate your movements from the holding patterns that restrict your body and mind and give your best performance! A session with Michelle will uncover the subtle and profound tensions as well as the mind patterns that reinforce them into physical limitations. Physical alignment, through Total Body awareness will give rise to organic movement and powerful expression.

Michelle-BoxerTreatments that may be chosen for Laser Focus On Your Athletic Performance are:

  • Structural Integration (10 Session Series) – When holding patterns have impacted both the core (the boney layers of the body and deep intrinsic muscles) and the sleeve (the larger extrinsic musculature), the 10 session series is a great way to unwind the old limitations and retrain a new dynamic physical expression.

Also, these healing tools may be useful:

  • Soul Eyes Jewelry – Meridian jewelry that help to align the energy system of the body, in a wearable ‘on the go’ type of way throughout the day.
  • LifeSource Oil & Pendants – Frequency infused stones that protect you from EMFs and raise your vibration. Increase energy levels, balance the energy centers of the body, and increase circulation with the use of these amazing products.
  • Earth Uprising Intentional Oils – What is your intention? Use these oils when you are visualizing your athletic performance and training your mind to allow your body to take the best actions.
  • I Ching Systems Instruments – When emotions are on the rise, using these tools will take those emotions straight back to source and free you up to live more from response vs react. Taking a life look from the mountaintop perspective is what these tools will help you do.