A powerful impact on my life!

Michelle LynRay has brought me to a place where physically and emotionally I feel more grounded and at peace. As challenges arise in life, as the inevitably do, I am able to address them while remaining in balance. Total Body Connection has made a powerful impact on my life.

Lizette Sundvick, Las Vegas, NV
Estate Planning, […]

Emotion and the “Mobile Brain”

After years of studying the form and function of neuropeptides (tiny bits of protein that consist of strings of amino acids), Candace Pert has concluded that they are responsible for our emotions ~ not only the familiar feelings of anger, fear, sadness, joy, contentment, and courage, but also spiritual inspiration, awe, bliss, and other […]


As my awareness expands so does the way it plays out in my life and my work. I am thrilled with new perceptions and find that grace offered to past views grants freedom to embrace new visions into my present futures.

The way I have come to view consciousness is through the chakra system of […]

Anticipate the Present

Often within a journey I find myself looking for the end. I anticipate that it will be a time of goals met, visions actualized, or I might even explore the possible emotional outcomes that can be guarded against. It definitely is a time of disconnect from my soul as it is strictly a game […]