I believe there is a time and place for medical intervention, especially when acute injury or life-threatening circumstances are present. I do not believe, however, in a dependency on the dissect, separate, and suppressive nature of medicine for the long-term care of someone.

That being said, I believe in a ‘Para-Medical’ balance, wherein the talented medically trained individuals bring the body as quickly as possible to a stable position, when severe instability is present, and then homeopathic, or holistic treatments immediately begin to nurture and invite the body back into a rejuvenating state of being. In the reverse a ‘Para-Holistic’ balance is served when the medical profession is secondary or supplemental to the holistic treatments and used only when the need arrises on a temporary basis.

With a possible overlap of treatments or prescriptions, there does not have to be a choice of one way of thinking over the other. It does, however, have to have an achievable outcome for the patient’s best benefit as the primary focus of the patient, doctor, and holistic practitioner.

Keeping in mind that the homeopathic, or holistic treatments can also have a dependency that should be
averted. Once the correct treatments are given and remedies applied, and healing has begun within the heart, mind, and body of the person, homeopathic and holistic treatments should consider a slight or full withdraw, to allow for the innate powers of healing that the body has, to come into full rejuvenating swing.

At such time, proper diet and exercise along with a little sunshine, can, in fact, be all the body needs to heal. At most, a multi-vitamin may be taken to compensate where good nutritional quality of food may be lacking.

This may sound esoterically simple, well, because it is. Our lifestyles have engaged us into believing that it has to be complicated and long-term to work, but this is simply not true in most cases. Resetting the mind is just as important in these instances as providing proper nutrition is for the body.

So let’s begin…

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