As my awareness expands so does the way it plays out in my life and my work. I am thrilled with new perceptions and find that grace offered to past views grants freedom to embrace new visions into my present futures.

The way I have come to view consciousness is through the chakra system of the body’s experience. Many of you know what I mean by this, and for those unfamiliar there are many websites devoted to this information.

For the purposes of this article, consciousness is played out on many levels and can be represented by the colors, sounds, and symbols of the vortexes of the body’s energy system, or chakras.

Healers spin the chakras, balance them, open them, align them, etc. In session with a friend this week the dance was to bridge them. Here is where it got fun. 🙂

This friend was having difficulty with head and shoulder placement. Her legs and pelvis were under her support, but the upper body didn’t know exactly where to land on the lower one. We began to work at the peek of support and the bottom of chaos, the diaphragm.

A common energetic bridge that I have often used in my work is that of the infinity symbol, the figure 8. On a physical level this movement can be found at the joints and seems like a secure wrap of connectedness. It is then also easily understood by the energetic highway of form.

Visualizing the 8, both my friend and I began to intend connection with the solar plexus (the place of mind and will power) and the heart: that the mind and heart could align and support one another. Next we journeyed from the heart to the throat: speaking truth of heart, communicating with compassion and understanding and being clearly understood. The third eye and throat were bridged with the intention of speaking with divine vision and the crown of the head opened to bridge her spirit with her vision, etc.

Those who know my work know that this was not purely an energetic exchange but a fascial one as well. As the energy opens so does the tissue become malleable. So like multi-layered chess we worked on many levels to connect thought into the form.

Oddly though, this was not enough to align her head to her shoulders or her ribs to her pelvis. Curious and still working with fluid infinity we were beckoned to think bigger, extend the bridge broader. Spirit wanted the connection to be from the crown to her solar plexus. Immediately with this focus, her head lined up true to her neck, shoulders and ribcage.

Just for my viewing pleasure I asked her to focus on the individual chakras areas again, and her alignment shifted from center. Then with the expanded connection the alignment returned. Wow! This was fascinating to me.

What does it mean? Well, to me, it symbolizes when we focus on the details we get caught up in their perfections or imperfections. We judge our experience as not good enough or in need of repair. When we let our divinity move into and throughout our will power, it becomes Thy will (or spirit’s movement) instead of my will (or attempt to control).

This perception is yet another way of taking on our every day details with a centered approach. Allowing us to function openly, aligned, and thus deepening our surrender to spirit. Isn’t that the very nature our experience is aimed at supporting?