Pain Management

Michelle is the best!

Connie White – I have been going to different massage therapists for the past 10 years, and hands down Michelle is the best! Michelle takes her time, is very knowledgeable and is amazing at what she does. A few months ago I pulled a muscle in my neck and could not move my head […]

That Which You Resist Persists

For some of my clients who have chronic aches and pains, the largest challenge I have as a practitioner is to help guide their mind towards the direction of healing. This does not mean to simply have them ‘pretend’ that the aches and pains do not exists and divert their attention towards rainbows […]

When You Feel Pain, Can You Still See Hope?

A client came in to me today with a pinch and painful area in both of her elbows. Upon palpation, it was clear to me that the rotation of the tissue to the lateral had forced a twist at the elbow joint.

As I began to work the neck to give the arm slack, the […]