That Which You Resist Persists

For some of my clients who have chronic aches and pains, the largest challenge I have as a practitioner is to help guide their mind towards the direction of healing. This does not mean to simply have them ‘pretend’ that the aches and pains do not exists and divert their attention towards rainbows […]

Gift of ‘healing touch’

Michelle has the gift of “healing touch”! Her extensive knowledge and intuitive skills have helped me not only recover from injuries as a professional athlete but also balance and heal emotional issues that had manifested physically. She is a true healer with a no nonsense approach coupled with compassion and passion for total health […]

Para-Medical or Para-Holistic?

I believe there is a time and place for medical intervention, especially when acute injury or life-threatening circumstances are present. I do not believe, however, in a dependency on the dissect, separate, and suppressive nature of medicine for the long-term care of someone.

That being said, I believe in a ‘Para-Medical’ balance, wherein the talented […]

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Containers That Could Not Contain

What does a container really hold? Nature has a unique way of simply not seeing barriers to its growth. Concrete never stopped a dandelion, nor can barbed wire ever stop a tree’s trunk from expansion. Yet, we as humans really enjoy putting things into little containers; stacking them, organizing, re-organizing and storing them.

I am […]

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Aligning the Layers of Experience

While studying to become a bodyworker, and particularly during my Structural Integration training, I was taught about the core and the sleeve. What this represents to me is the inner core of the body, or that which functions in the first 15 degrees of movement, (packed with energy), and the external musculature that continues […]

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As my awareness expands so does the way it plays out in my life and my work. I am thrilled with new perceptions and find that grace offered to past views grants freedom to embrace new visions into my present futures.

The way I have come to view consciousness is through the chakra system of […]

Returning the Sword to Its Sheath

“Every client that comes in is a self-help seminar just for you to learn about yourself. And you get paid to attend,” my Structural Integration instructor, Peter Melchoir, said many times during the 4 months we spent together. That was 14 years ago and it certainly has become truth to my perception, especially when […]

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