“Every client that comes in is a self-help seminar just for you to learn about yourself. And you get paid to attend,” my Structural Integration instructor, Peter Melchoir, said many times during the 4 months we spent together. That was 14 years ago and it certainly has become truth to my perception, especially when multiple clients come in presenting the same problem. Ironic perhaps, or it could be that my stubborn nature needs a triple take reflection to surrender into understanding.

The pattern that revealed itself in my clients this week was like that of a samurai warrior in fight position. Right arm raised, shoulder pressed into a crouching neck and the left shoulder moving forward to protect the vulnerable heart.

To give the universe oodles of credit for presenting me with such gifts, their timing was not at all coincidence. In fact, this last week was dedicated to family. My sister was getting married. So, my mother came to town and stayed with me for a week; my father who lives here locally came out of the woodwork more than before; my aunt flew into town for the big day; and the whirl began to spin. Don’t get me wrong, they are my family and I love them…all…historically from a distance. So here in the heart of a romantic opportunity for love and support of one another, deep inside me was the ‘on guard’ stance of a warrior.

Back to my gifts from the universe, my clients. As their sessions progressed from head to neck and shoulders, I kept performing the same movement designed to release the trapezius muscles. Holding the muscles and passively moving the client’s arm across their bodies, aiming their hands towards the opposite hip seemed to render the sweetness of release. Finally, the third client was the charm and I got it…put your sword away.

Who are any of us fighting anyway? It became painfully clear to me that the fight is always with myself as is the position of defense. What was inside me that I needed to guard myself from the sight of? My inner journey led me into acceptance…first of myself and aspects that I had previously denied, then of others who were simply playing their part in mirroring areas that needed growth and healing. As the sword returned to its sheath, so did the waters of my soul return to a still calming peace.

With the heart open, the right shoulder relaxed down from the ear, there is room for breath under the throat of communication.

Before my family and I all parted ways, defenses relented and the sword rested from on high, which allowed for honest, open words of heart to be expressed and a place of comfort to be centered within.

As for my clients, though we all play a part in each other’s ascension, I am sure they will be grateful to not have to mirror that one for me when they come in next time.