Do you remember the Calgon bath take me away commercials and how you were encouraged to lose your cares, lift your spirits, and lose yourself in luxury? Only to find that once you had children, the bath is the last place for you to have peace and quiet? Does your self-care only happen once everyone else is taken care of?

The best way to care for someone else is to show them how important they are by living the example of self-care. Need help doing that?

A session with Michelle will give you the time you need to recharge, find calm, and lose yourself in the natural flow that is truly satisfying.

Michelle-Homemaker-smTreatments that may be chosen for Self-Care for Busy Moms include:

  • Structural Integration (10 Session Series) – When birthing children seems to have mis-shaped your body, or the stress of caring for others first has made living in your own skin uncomfortable, the 10 session series is a great way to get back on track.
  • Structural Bodywork – The effects of bodywork with structural techniques do more than simply relax the tissue; it realigns it and enhances the body’s posture. Take 30, 50, or 80 mins just for the aaaahhhh of it.

Also, these healing tools may be useful:

  • Soul Eyes Jewelry – Is there a lull in your energy during a certain time of day? Meridians are active around clock, each one with their own peak times. Meridian jewelry can help to align the energy system of the body, in a wearable ‘on the go’ type of way throughout the day.
  • LifeSource Oils & Pendants – Frequency infused stones that protect you from EMFs and raise your vibration. Increase energy levels, balance the energy centers of the body, and increase circulation with the use of these amazing products.
  • I Ching Systems Instruments – When emotions are on the rise, using these tools will take those emotions straight back to source and free you up to live more from response vs react.