When you notice a celebrity what is it that gets your attention? Is it their seemingly flawless skin, smile, or physique? Do you think to yourself that if you had the ‘time and money’ to focus on yourself you would?

Why wait? Celebrate YOU right now!

The truest beauty comes from loving who you are on the inside and a radiant smile is the effect of confidence. A session with Michelle will reflect to you the inner shine that is your flawlessness. Together, she will guide you to let go of resistance and embrace the infinite possibilities of Total Body poise.

Michelle-Celebrity-SmTreatments that may be chosen to Treat Yourself Like a Celebrity are:

  • Structural Bodywork – The effects of bodywork with structural techniques do more than simply relax the tissue; it realigns it and enhances the body’s posture.

Also, these healing tools may be useful:

  • Soul Eyes Jewelry – Is there a lull in your energy during a certain time of day? Meridians are active around clock, each one with their own peak times. Meridian jewelry can help to align the energy system of the body, in a wearable ‘on the go’ type of way throughout the day.
  • LifeSource Oil & Pendants – Frequency infused stones that protect you from EMFs and raise your vibration. Increase energy levels, balance the energy centers of the body, and increase circulation with the use of these amazing products.
  • Earth Uprising Intentional Oils – What is your intention? Use these oils, such as ‘Heart Dance’ when you are visualizing your life of fluidity and ease.
  • I Ching Systems Instruments – When emotions are on the rise, using these tools will take those emotions straight back to Source and free you up to live from response vs react. From emotional balance you can create a beautiful expression in your life.