In my lifetime, I’ve not had many massages but the few I’ve tried did not do much for me or my peace of mind. During this past summer I was going through a very stressful time with my company and someone suggested to me I should visit Michelle as I would be amazed how much better I would feel. I called and setup a 60 minute visit with her which was scheduled for the next day. The treatment she gave me was so outstanding that at the end of 60 minutes I changed it to 90 mins. When I left after the treatment my body but more importantly my mind was relaxed and I felt so much better going forward even with all the craziness I was still dealing with. Michelle is outstanding with her experience and the caring she has for her customers, I will be back!

Dave Walker, Las Vegas, NV
Greenway Pest Services, LLC


Message from Michelle:

I personally have used David Walker’s Pest Services and love that they offer products that do not harm the environment. They get the job done very effectively and their full array of products service ALL of the pest needs of both homeowners and businesses. Dave is such a good guy and I would recommend him and his business just as equally as he has recommended me to his friends.