Female Energy Awakening or Womb Blessing®

Attunement is a path of Female transformation & Healing – a path of returning to our authentic femininity. It is an energy attunement where the receiver sits comfortably in a chair, removing only shoes, jewelry and hair ties, and the Moon Mother brings in the Divine Feminine Energy. Like a refreshing breeze, the Moon Mother gently blows the vibrant silver, white moonlight into various energy centers of the receiver’s body. Approx. 30 mins in length.

After first menstruation, a woman of any age, with or without a womb may recieve a Blessing.

Small Groups may also receive Blessings during a scheduled gathering.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Divine Feminine through Female Energy Awakening Womb Blessing ®


Womb Bowls are used in the Blessing Attunements, Healings, and Worldwide Womb Blessings®. It is beautiful to have special bowls that you choose and keep just as womb bowls – something that represents the beauty of your Womb and the Sacred Feminine.

One bowl is filled with water to represent the Living Waters of the Womb. This water will absorb the energy of the Womb Blessing® and receiver will drink this water following the Blessing. A small votive or tea light candle is placed in the other bowl and lit to represent the Light of the Sacred Feminine that we hold within our Womb.


Shawls are used in the Womb Blessing® Attunements, Womb Healings & Worldwide Womb Blessings. They absorb the energy of the Blessing and carry the intention of the Healing, so it is thoughtful to have your own special sacred shawl for these times.

The shawl is a deeply spiritual symbol of protection, connection and empowerment, offering you comfort by wrapping yourself up in everything that is sacred to you as a Divine Woman. Find one that makes you feel happy, connected, or empowered and shroud yourself in its protective strength.


When you are coming to a scheduled private Womb Blessing Attunement or Healing, bring with you a bottle of water, votive or tea light candle, two Womb bowls, and a special shawl. If you do not have any of these items they may be provided for you.

For Group Womb Blessing Attunements, please bring a large bottle of water, two (2) votive or tea light candles, two (2) Womb bowls, a special shawl, blanket, small pillow and yoga mat.