Michelle has the gift of “healing touch”! Her extensive knowledge and intuitive skills have helped me not only recover from injuries as a professional athlete but also balance and heal emotional issues that had manifested physically. She is a true healer with a no nonsense approach coupled with compassion and passion for total health and wellness. I am so grateful to have her as part of my team in sport and life.

Candice Houston, Las Vegas, NV


Message From Michelle:

If you ever doubt in your body’s ability to change, simply put your body and mind in the very capable hands of Candice and she will have you rockin! Her focus is tenacious and kind. She has transformed my body in a matter of a few months, when I didn’t think I could do it…again.  Candice helps people find their inspiration  for change and it shines out of their skin in perfect form.  When you are ready for her, she is ready for you. What are you waiting for??? GO! 😉