A client came in to me today with a pinch and painful area in both of her elbows. Upon palpation, it was clear to me that the rotation of the tissue to the lateral had forced a twist at the elbow joint.

As I began to work the neck to give the arm slack, the conversation began. She told me that there was a time when she was very aware of her body, but here lately, she was just trying to ignore it.

Self medicating in order to ignore her body and keep up the pace of a working, single mother seemed like the only option.

The pain in her elbows had been there for quite some time, so her belief had settled in that this is just how it was going to be for her, for the rest of her life. She had given up the possibility of change, which had left her with no hope and therefore, she began to self medicate in order to continue functioning at her normal, fast pace.

Now this was not the worst kind of rotation I had ever seen in a person, and her body was responding to the work fairly quickly. I believed that the body had the ability to let go and I told her so. The encouraging words began to make space, not only in her body but in her mind as well.

Our conversation went on in a very encouraging, matter of fact way, and soon she began to believe it too. Once she believed that it could change, she was given hope and she began to move her awareness back into her arms and elbows. Of course, once a client owns their body and feeds it good rejuvenating thoughts, the rest is easy. Through intended touch and a bit of fascial molding, she was gently guided into alignment.

Change came once she was confident it was possible.

I shared with her that I had worked on a woman earlier in the week with similar rotations and that she felt much better at our sessions end. Ironically, there was a text message from this previous client awaiting me at the end of my current session, stating that she was now feeling 100% better in her elbow!

Hope had made room for the belief in infinite possibilities. The body’s ability to adapt to the mind was empowered. She was feeling fantastic and left my office with a new awareness of function and alignment.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know if I could help her elbows let go or not…I believed in the possibility, I believed in my client’s ability, and I believed that anything can happen when two or more come together with a common goal and intention.