As life would have it, my sabbatical from work to pursue art and creative adventures a few months ago began with my left knee cap dislocating into my thigh. It turns out that this doesn’t feel very good and can impede one’s ability to move forward. Ok…it was time for surgery.

Truthfully, this timing was used by the gods to insure that I would take time to heal properly from the knee repair. An old injury, to those with questioning minds… an injury prodded by a youthful display of valiance with my older sister while skiing, that ended with two handsome men skiing me down the mountain while containing me in a cloth gurney. Added bonus for a 12 year old girl.

It has been two months + now since my ACL was reconstructed and my meniscus halved to remove the damaged portion. My desire and openness to doing body healing for my clientele began to knock on my thoughts and eventually became a strong enough pull to ease me on to both of my feet and begin the journey as healer, being healed, once again.

Over the past year, this blog has gotten lost in the myriad of living. Since its beginning much has happened. It is likely that great things will continue to occur in my life as a healer that I may or may not take the time to recap on and share with you. As with most things in life as I get older, the perception of things change and so has my hearts desire for this blog.

Beginning now, I choose to let you in on my inner worlds. Though it may be somewhat revealing, I am willing to own these inner spaces and impart the power contained in them to you. Since I forgo any notion of separation between any one of us, this may perhaps be interesting to you on other levels as well as the present one you are living.

Thousands of worlds open to me in my mind’s eye and each one I boldly explore, especially when I am in sessions of healing with some of you. There are moments in sessions that I am observing miraculous things that don’t seem to have anything at all to do with the physical healing, but seem to be soul talk. Talk of the vastness of spirit, while space is being created in the flesh to carry it into earthly resonance.

Sometimes, the sessions are such a meditation that visions are made clear and the work just flows into new and wonderful healing shapes. Healing, just as often for me as for my clients who are my friends. Allow me to explain…

As my first session on my feet would have it, my fingers were exploring fascial tension under the left-side ribs. Subtle manipulations were made to free the diaphragm a bit and expand awareness around the heart. As this was the left side, I placed my body to the left side and connected from the grounded footing up through my (now repaired) knee, my heart and out my left hand. Wow! For the first time I felt the support of Mother Earth travel through my left leg. Such an amazing connection of love and support from her I was overwhelmed with the gift of healing she so easily offered me.

The second grace of spirit was in a lesson of responsibility. As a healer, I somehow got the idea that it was my job to ‘clean’ the client’s energy field and give them a fresh start to their present moments. In this cleaning, I often felt drained, tired, and overcome with the process of ‘processing’ this client’s choices. AAahhh choices. Yes, we all make them and carry them around with us in our spatial aura. Feeling grounded, connected, and clear I moved over and let spirit do its thing with my friend. At the top of his right shoulder, I ventured into exhaustion. Quickly, my spirit caught myself and said…who is tired? You? or Your Friend? It was him and at that moment, spirit gave me an alternative method.

My 3rd eye opened and I beckoned the opening of my friend’s inner knowing (through subconscious pathways). My soul gave him back his fatigue and jolted his soul in manner of experience. Here he was suffering fatigue, and his soul was doing nothing about it. Is this your chosen experience? I heard my inner voice inquire. If you do not wish this experience anymore, then change its outcome. Perception of stress and culturally appropriate reactions to it have burdened your mind into thinking this is the only way for a soul to experience earthly life with full verve. I found my soul speaking clearly and true when it reminded my friend that he had choices for experience and only he knew what to do with the reactions in mind/body. So here, take the tension, stress, fear, and sit in its discomfort. I will not take it from you, only you can choose its exit. So choose, and handle your experience.

That was the first time that I was not tired after a session. I surmised that I am a flashlight bearer but the responsibility of transformation is yours. Take it, choose it, and open to a life directed by your soul.

As I was typing this, I kept putting a ‘d’ on the end of soul. It dawned on me that my lesson here was that we often live by ‘could’, ‘would’, ‘should’, but when we live from our source of truth it is ‘sould’. Perhaps a little quirky, but I like it.