Forward Fold FetalThe modality, Body Fabric Alignment originated from a quest to organize a somewhat choppy, area-specific myofascial release work into one rhythmic, whole-body treatment, in a massage setting. Based on the postural lift that comes from the 10-session series of Structural Integration, the technique is designed to work the body in such a fashion as to bring awareness to uprightness or an unfolding of the body from a fetal positioning posture into a heart-led, standing one.

Heart MovementThere are many layers of awareness to this advanced type of work that has been in design since 1997. Bridging the gap of experience with understanding into knowingness of skill has many levels. The best way I have found to organize this is in 2 weekend live hands-on sessions (8 hour days for 3 days).

As the training continues to gather National and International momentum, I will incorporate well-produced webinar videos, guiding and giving a recap of the levels that have been achieved. Those who desire full certification of practitioner will be required to perform a hands-on case study with 5 clients providing before and after photos, written material of the degree of knowledge and understanding along with the client’s testimonial of experience.

Level 2
Students will research & write a discussion paper that explores the layers of the fascial system and how the mind, beliefs and experiences of repetition or trauma can affect it; connect with layers of fascial posture and tightening to gain knowledge of potential emotional causes that the body tightens to protect; and demonstrate the ability to affect change within the client’s body by making changes to their own whereby learning how to work with their energy to affect change without the transference of the client’s imbalance.

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