Daithi Dubh’s is a Shamanic Healer, Conscious Dreamer, Holistic Therapist and Conservationist. His journey into Earth-based vibrational healing began as a child where he developed a deep love and connection with nature. The only academic study that was aligned with this passion was that of a Conservationist. As he advanced in his studies he found myself drawn to Shamanic healing, which led him to learn from Shamans and healers throughout Mexico, Ireland and North America. Although the teachings were unique, the common thread throughout was respect for Mother Earth and all that she touches. It became clear to him as he healed his own traumas that he was helping the Earth heal and as we directed healing to the Earth, humanity as a whole was benefiting.

The Shamanic path has opened him to listen to, and learn from, the voice of Spirit; the spirit of the tree, the stone, the elements, animals, and the spirit guides that are available in service to humanity. It is often that we access this level of consciousness in our dreams and much of his work is designed to awaken the client to their dreaming body so that they can consciously listen, learn, grow and heal.

As a Conscious Dreamer, Daithi travels  between worlds of time and space, building a bridge between the power of the dream to the conscious reality of the seeker – in order to bring about balance, health and happiness.

Everyone has experienced trauma in their life to varying degrees, which manifests itself as physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual stress. The journeys that he walks his clients through are designed to remove traumas and bring about balance and space in order to welcome in a new manifestation of health and happiness.

All walks of people benefit from opening to their dreaming body and tapping into the power and inspiration that comes from there. Clients include: CEO’s, Military Veterans, PTSD, police, bereavements, nurses, doctors, athletes, musicians, artists, massage therapists, and Entrepreneurs, etc.

Primary services include: Shamanic Journey, Shamanic Vibrational Healing, & Hot/Cold Stone Energy Balancing. Home, business, and land healings are also available.